Corporate Events

Location: Inside our our office as well as for companies, schools and organizations. Please contact our office to discuss this opportunity with our team.
Date: Ongoing

The educational format varies based on your company’s personal needs. Our services and events will stimulate, educate and create a healthier company, which in turn will provide more productivity. These “edu-training” presentations and events initiate a shift in the mindset of your employees regarding their health, moving them from passive to active. Your employees will be given the tools to not only take responsibility for their health, but also creative victories in their pursuit of a better life. Listed below are the choices and brief descriptions of the services that might best serve your goals.

Lunch & Learn Talks

This is the most frequently requested event. In the traditional “Lunch and Learn” format any one topic is covered for either 10 minutes as part of an all hands meeting, or for up to a full 60 minutes in a small workshop format. We will teach you on the subject of your choosing, based on our many presentation topics. Do not be fooled by the title though, as these events are not limited to just lunch, we can accommodate breakfast talks as well. As an added bonus the meal is provided at no charge to qualifying audiences and groups. Our most popular topics are:
  • Successful Lifestyles of the Corporate Athlete
  • Stress Less America
  • Sleep Deprivation, Insomnia and the Solution
  • Women’s Health According to Misty May!
  • Healthy Heart Through PALEO – Based on The PALEO Cardiologist
For best results, do all 5 talks with one presentation every 60 days!
If YOU would like a concise, “Well-TEN” talk for big meetings, just ask! We will challenge thinking in a “pivot point” talk that puts YOUR employees on a new path in only 8-10 minutes!

Structural Assessment to Prevent Work Injuries

In this all-important assessment we will first shift the conversation away from work station ergonomics and go directly into body biomechanics. This talk is not about a new desk or chair, but how to maximize the body at the work station. We will discuss optimal form and function relationships and create action items that will help keep employees accountable. In this scenario, the technology used from an iPad draws literal lines to posture and purpose while the Wellness Champion Doctor draws analogies to how prevention will benefit the employees at home. While most employers cringe at on-the-job injuries and workers compensation claims, we attack this issue for you in a proactive scenario. This is very powerful because it is done individually, saving small businesses thousands in potential claims. The best way not to discuss work comp injuries is to have a responsible safety interaction individually, not collectively. When talking posture and ergonomics in big groups, the sincerity is often lost and reports of work injuries are still filed. When a personal health photo is taken and answers are given on the spot, it can be the preemptive strike that saves medium-sized companies millions in absenteeism and eventual workers compensation litigation