Arly Molina


Arly was born in New Jersey and moved to a small town in Georgia at a young age.

She always loved the idea of living in a bigger city and moved to Atlanta in 2018 to attend Georgia State University’s nursing program.

Two years in, she realized that she had jumped the gun when deciding her major – as much as she wanted a profession revolved around helping people in any way she could, becoming a nurse wasn’t her calling. Instead, after researching what might be the correct choice, she decided on applying to the exercise science program.

Around a year later, she met Dr. Chris when she found a job board online for a position in his office. At the time, the position just seemed like her next job, but months down the road and a trip to Life University later, she realized that her next step, after completing her undergrad, is to become a chiropractor as well.

Outside of work, Arly is a big foodie, book worm, and coffeeholic – emphasis on coffeeholic.

She enjoys going to festivals around the country and travelling to different places when she can.

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