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Life Studio

The premier chiropractic studio in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Chris Peterson, at the helm of Midtown's health.

Dr. Chris grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis and pursued a degree in Computer Science. After graduating, he started a career in Web Development, but quickly realized that he lacked passion for his career and knew he needed to make a change. Chiropractic was the clear choice to holistically help his community. He is grateful for the opportunity to serve the people and community of Midtown Atlanta.

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Your well-being is our top priority.

Many people often believe that the only option to heal their bodies is with medication, surgery, or fad diets. But, it can be simpler than that. Behind many discomforts, pains, aches, and health issues, is a nervous system or spinal problem. Misalignment can cause innumerable symptoms, which is why regular adjustments can lead to a happier and healthy life.

We don't treat patients,
we treat human beings.

We don't treat patients,we treat human beings.You are just like us. You live a life and have your physical issues that are halting your ability to fully enjoy it. That's not a "patient", that's being human. We identify the root cause of your physical set-backs and create corrective care plans to get you back to your ideal state and wellness plans to keep you there.