Many of the top athletes and performers in the world think, train, and use chiropractic care differently. Let’s begin with their thinking.

Top athletes and performers believe that they are capable of accomplishing higher levels of success in business or athletic endeavors and they organize their life around these thoughts. They make eating decisions, training decisions and health care decisions around performing at very high levels rather than around mediocrity. Because they are committed to higher levels of performance, it is easier for them to draw a line in the sand and say no to things that reduce their potential while also saying yes to the things that help them reach their goals. They make these thoughts their lifestyle.

High achievers and performers also train differently than most people. They train for personal bests and record setting performances. They do not study to pass or get a C grade on a test. They get A+ ready through training, study, and whatever else is necessary for them to achieve higher levels.

This high performance training, which is built upon high performance thinking, is what separates high achievers from the pack. Average performers consider the sacrifice that top performers make too much to bear. High performers look at things differently. They believe that performing at less than your best is the unfortunate sacrifice.

When it comes to chiropractic care, the top athletes and performers take their Lifestyle Care to another level with Performance Based Care.

If you look at the Lifestyle Care Continuum, you will notice that, to the right under Lifestyle Care, the dots representing the frequency of visits get closer together. This is Performance Based Care. The goal is to never allow nerve interference to settle into your body for even a day. This type of care fine tunes your nervous system to fire at optimum efficiency at all times, to optimize the fluidity of muscle contractions and joint movements and to improve recovery time during extensive training.

In The 100 Year Lifestyle Workout book, there are numerous stories of professional, Olympic and youth sports champions who, through Performance Based Care, outperformed and outlasted the competition to win their medals and reach their goals.

NFL Super Bowl Champion, Roger Craig, credits regular chiropractic care for his professional athletic success. He believes the principle of Getting his ESS in Shape, Endurance, Strength and Structure, enabled him to reach the level of achievement he desired when he played for the San Francisco ‘49ers and it still keeps him active and performing at high levels today.

One of the top youth soccer coaches in the nation, David Eristavi, understands that the emphasis on the principles of the ESS, including chiropractic care, plays a key role in the health and recovery time of his players. As a former professional player whose team focused on endurance and strength training along with chiropractic care, he knows the importance of these principles to optimize the performance and longevity of his players.

You, too, are capable of higher levels of health and performance. Talk to your 100 Year Lifestyle Licensed Affiliate chiropractor and take your Lifestyle Care to the next level with Performance Based Care.